Table 2.

Sequential (or Sepsis-related) Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) Scorea

System Score
RespiratoryPaO 2/FiO 2 (kPa)>53.3<53.3<40<26.7 plus respiratory support<13.3 plus respiratory support
CoagulationPlatelets (× 10 3/μL)≥150<150<100<50<20
LiverBilirubin (mmol/L)<2020–3233–101102–204>204
CardiovascularMAP (mmHg) (μg/kg/min)>70≥70Dopamine <5 or dobutamine at any doseDopamine 5.1–15 or epinephrine ≤0.1 or norepinephrine ≤0.1dopamine >15 or epinephrine >0.1 or norepinephrine >0.1
RenalCreatinine (μmol/L)<110110–170171–299300–440>440
Urine output (mL/day)<500<200
  • aAdapted from Vincent et al, 1996.7

    FiO2 = fraction of inspired oxygen; GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale; MAP = mean arterial pressure; PaO2 = partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood