Table 3B.

Qualitative study quality

Qualitative studiesLekas, 200517Alencar, 201526Barnett, 201116Kuteesa, 201224Siegel, 199921
Was there a clear statement of the aims?YYYYY
Is the qualitative methodology appropriate?YYYYY
Was the design appropriate to address the aims?YYYYY
Was the recruitment strategy appropriate to address the aims?YYNYN
Was the data collected in a way that addresses the research issue?YYNYN
Has the relationship between researcher and participant been adequately considered, and has their own role been examined to reduce bias?NNYYN
Have ethical issues been considered?NYYYN
Was the data analysis sufficiently rigorous?NNNYN
Is there a clear statement of findings?NNNYY
Is the research valuable?YYYYY
Total score /106/107/106/1010/105/10