Table 1.

Cellulitis severity classificationa

Eron/CREST classificationModified ‘Dundee’ classification
Class INo or well-controlled comorbidities, systemically wellNo sepsis, no comorbidities and SEWS <4
Class IISystemically unwell with no uncontrolled comorbidities (eg obesity, peripheral vascular disease or venous insufficiency) or systemically well with poorly controlled comorbidities, which may delay their recoveryDocumentation of one or more significant comorbidities (eg obesity, peripheral vascular disease or venous insufficiency), no sepsis, SEWS <4
Class IIIMarked systemic inflammatory response (altered mental status, tachypnoea, tachycardia, hypotension etc) or may have very poorly controlled comorbidities which may affect their response to treatment or have a limb-threatening infection due to vascular compromiseSepsis but SEWS <4
Class IVSeptic shock or life threatening presentations such as necrotising fasciitis requiring urgent critical care and surgical inputSepsis and SEWS ≥4
  • aLeft-hand column adapted from reference 16, right-hand column adapted from reference 17. CREST = Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team; SEWS = Standardised Early Warning Score