Table 3.

Advantages and disadvantages of workforce models.

Workforce modelAdvantagesDisadvantages
Acute medicine and specialty expansionGood evidence of effective improvement of quality of careLong lead-in time, especially for expansion of acute medicine workforce
Favoured by most of the current consultant workforceLoss of generalist skills could prolong admission for complex patients if they have several consults
Facilitates delivery of community specialist careHigh cost
Present in many large hospitalsSkill gap for acute medicine and geriatric medicine
GP expansionReduction in hospital admissionGP workforce in crisis, making sufficient recruitment unlikely
Provides care closer to homeEvidence for reduction in admissions poor
Closer integration with social careHigh cost
Other healthcare worker expansionReduced workforce costsModel unproven in UK
Improved continuity of careConcerns about effects on training capacity
Expansion of training schemes already underwayPublic fear of ‘doctors on the cheap’
Hospital generalist expansionFlexible workforceReduction in specialist workforce
Reduced referralPossible reduction in quality of care
Closer working with communityCosts and effectiveness unclear