Box 1.

Modified NHS Quality Framework.

  1. Set direction and priorities – new

    Setting clear quality priorities and an agenda for the system based on policy initiatives from the Mandate and other national reports (eg State of Care), and desired outcomes and performance data.

  2. Bring clarity to quality

    Setting standards for what high quality care looks like across all specialties.

  3. Measure and publish quality – combined

    Harnessing information to improve quality of care through performance and quality reporting systems that provide feedback to providers of care at systemic, institutional or individual levels, and information to users and commissioners of services for accountability and choice.

  4. Recognise and reward quality

    Recognising and rewarding improvement in the quality of care and service through financial and non-financial recognition (eg enhanced reputation or prestige).

  5. Safeguard quality

    Regulation to improve healthcare, to guarantee minimum acceptable standards and to reassure the public about quality of care.

  6. Building capability – updated

    Improving leadership, management, professional and institutional culture, skills and behaviours to provide quality assurance and improvement.

  7. Stay ahead – expanded

    Developing research and innovation and planning to provide progressive, high-quality care.