Box 1.

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Quality Academy.

In its fourth year, this is an annual 5-day modular programme that runs over 1 year to educate and equip future leaders with the necessary management, leadership and quality improvement (QI) skills to contribute to the rapidly changing demands of a national health service and improve patient care, service provision and system-wide improvement capability.
Lessons learnt – quotes from 2015/16 Academy participants:
  • You can't do one without having the knowledge and skills in all three.

  • I hugely underestimated the complexity in which we work but perhaps understanding and having the collaborative will make change happen.

  • I now think differently about change – I am more adaptive and feel I can empower others.

  • I have my voice, a new confidence, people can listen, people will listen.

  • Starting small has made QI accessible and doable – before I thought you had to have some great idea and make a massive difference – I’ve learnt not to be scared of QI through small scale, incremental changes.

  • I used to give up easily but I’m learning how not to procrastinate and persevere.

  • Get on and do it – I’m now interested, think differently and learnt it's OK to be myself.