Box 1.

SGEM hot off the press process

1.A paper that has been submitted, peer-reviewed, and ultimately accepted for AEM or CJEM is going to be picked. We will select these papers in conjunction with the Editorial Board of the journal.
2.The SGEM will then put a skeptical eye upon the manuscript using the BEEM critical appraisal tool. This is an instrument with published reliability and validity – the only such instrument that I am aware of in any specialty.
3.One of the authors of the paper will be invited to discuss their work. This will be in order to defend the strengths/weakness/limitations/clinical application of the ideas and data that they propose.
4.We will do a special SGEM Hot Off the Press podcast that will be posted the week the paper gets published. In essence, this is KT at the speed of social media!
5.You the audience will get a chance to respond via the SGEM blog, Twitter or on Facebook. Where else do you have this interactive opportunity to compliment or criticize research with the ear of the original author and the publishing editor?
6.Another exciting component will be a summary of the SGEM critical appraisal because top social media feedback will be published in a subsequent issue of AEM or CJEM. This process will leverage the content from original publication, secondary review, podcast dissemination, and social media interactivity and follow-up.