Table 2.

Time taken for initial clerking and consultant review, comparing ED and GP-referred patients for both audit cycles (average) time taken is displayed as median [lower quartile, upper quartile] or mean ± standard deviation)

ED referralsGP referralsp-value95% CI
Audit cycle one
Initial clerkingWithin 4 hours90.9% (n=50)60.0% (n=9)0.0090.10 to 0.64
Average time taken1h47m [52min, 2h38 min]3h6min ± 1h47min0.023+9min to +2h3min
Consultant reviewIn recommended time87.5% (n=49)50% (n=7)0.0050.12 to 0.62
Average time taken6h35min [2h54min, 10h29min]10h36min [3h44min, 17h48min]0.094–1h6min to +7h54min
Audit cycle two
Initial clerkingWithin 4 hours84.9% (n=45)95.5% (n=21)0.573–0.082 to 0.231
Average time taken1h30min [55min, 2h25min]1h36min [49min, 2h13min]0.800–1h22min to +48min
Consultant reviewIn recommended time88.3% (n=53)90.5% (n=19)0.573–0.181 to 0.147
Average time taken4h48min [1h59min,12h27min]3h21min [2h18min, 5h25min]0.530–33min to +4h23min