Table 2.

GPOC conversation outcomes in 40 consecutive patients

Characteristics of patients
Age (years)Median 87; range 65–97
Clinical Frailty ScaleMedian 8; range 6–9
Number of comorbiditiesMedian 6; range 2–14
Has mental capacity – Yes/No10/30
Characteristics of discussion
Duration of discussion (min)Median 30; range 5–75
Discussion involved patient – Yes/No (if no, family only)5/35
Discussion led byConsultant: 25
Doctor in training: 14
Ward manager: 1
Outcome of conversation
Care focused on cure0
Care focused on disease control19
Care focused on comfort21
CPR appropriate/inappropriate1/39
Readmission appropriate/inappropriate22/18
Artificial feeding/ IV or SC fluids/ further oral or IV antibiotics specifically excluded – Yes/No30/10
Clinician assessment of conversation (available for 26/40)
Quality of discussion – self-rated by lead of conversation (/10):Median 8; range 6–9
Quality of discussion – rated by observer (/10)Median 8; range 7–10
How challenging – self-rated by lead of conversation (/10)Median 5; range 1–10