Table 4.

Effect of direct thrombin antagonists and Xa inhibitors on clotting tests, and drug-specific assays

DrugPTAPTTTTDrug specific assay
DabigatranBelow or within therapeutic levelsSupra-therapeutic levelsBelow or within therapeutic levelsWithin or above therapeutic levelsLikely little or no drug presentCannot interpretDilute thrombin time or ecarin clotting time
RivaroxabanTherapeutic levels unlikely but cannot be excludedTherapeutic or supratherapeutic levelsTherapeutic or subtherapeutic levelsTherapeutic or supratherapeutic levelsUnaffectedRivaroxaban-specific anti Xa activity
ApixabanInsensitive, cannot be assessed with these methodsUnaffectedApixaban-specific anti Xa activity
EdoxabanTherapeutic levels cannot be excludedNot usefulUnaffectedEdoxaban-specific anti Xa activity
  • APTT = activated partial thromboplastin time; PT = prothrombin time; TT = thrombin time