Table 1.

Key pharmacokinetic features of common anticoagulant drugs

NameExcretionPlasma half-life
WarfarinHepatic metabolism to inactive metabolites excreted in urineEffective half-life 40 h
UFHRapid endothelial cell internalisation (saturateable), slower renal clearance45–90 min
LMWHPredominantly renal4 h
Fondaparinux70% renal17–21 h
ArgatrobanHepatic45 min
Dabigatran80% renal13 h
Apixaban25% renal, 75% hepatic12 h
Edoxaban35% renal, 65% hepatic10–14 h
Rivaroxaban25% renal, 75% hepatic5–9 h
  • LMWH = low-molecular-weight heparin; UFH = unfractionated heparin