Table 2.

Parameters for acute symptomatic seizures proposed by the International League against Epilepsy

Provoking insultTime-frame
Stroke/hypoxia<1 week
Traumatic brain injury without subdural haematoma<1 week
Traumatic brain injury with subdural haematomaUp to 1 month
Intracranial surgery<1 week
Arteriovenous malformation at time of haemorrhage<1 week
CNS infectionUntil laboratory and clinical signs of infection have resolved
Multiple sclerosis<1 week (of relapse)
Alcohol withdrawal7–48 hours from last alcoholic drink
Serum glucose (within 24 hours)<36 mg/dL (2 mM) or >450 mg/dL (25 mM) and ketoacidosis
Serum sodium (within 24 hours)<115 mg/dL (<5 mM)
Serum calcium (within 24 hours)<5 mg/dL (<1.2 mM)
Serum magnesium (within 24 hours)<0.8 mg/dL (<0.3 mM)
Urea nitrogen (within 24 hours)>100 mg/dL (>35.7 mM)
Creatinine (within 24 hours)>10 mg/dL (>884 uM)
  • Adapted with permission from Beghi et al, 2010.14 CNS = central nervous system