Table 1.

The Sheldon questionnaire. The patient has seizures if point score ≥1, and syncope if score is <1. The same questions can be asked of a witness

Questions shown to distinguish seizures from syncopePoints (if yes)
At times do you wake with a cut tongue after your spells?2
At times do you have a sense of déjà vu or jamais vu before your spells?1
At times is emotional stress associated with losing consciousness?1
Has anyone noted your head turning during a spell?1
Has anyone ever noted that you are unresponsive, have unusual posturing or have jerking limbs during your spells or have no memory of your spells afterwards?  (Score as yes for any positive response)1
Has anyone ever noted that you are confused after a spell?1
Have you ever had lightheaded spells?-2
At times do you sweat before your spells?-2
Is prolonged sitting or standing associated with your spells?-2
  • Reproduced with permission.7