Table 1.

Naloxone in valproate-induced encephalopathy

ReferenceAge (years)Plasma valproate levelAdditional treatment givenNaloxone effective?Setting
Thanacoody676848 μmol/LCiprofloxacin for UTIYes, within a few minutesDehydration and UTI
Alberto et al721180 μg/mLMultidose charcoalYes, within hoursIntentional overdose
Eze et al869107.2 μg/mLLactulose enema and arbuterol aerosolYes, within 1 dayPolypharmacy
Bohmer et al968254 μmol/LL-carnitine effectiveNo, ineffectivePostoperative laparotomy for ileus
  • This table details four examples of published cases in which naloxone was used to treat valproic acid-induced encephalopathy. Naloxone was effective to varying degrees.

  • UTI = urinary tract infection