Table 1.

Seven capitals of healthcare adapted from Sustainable system-wide commissioning - Guide for CCGs

FinancialBudget, incentives and finance, accounting models that enable healthcare delivery
StaffExpertise, motivation and time
PatientsCommitment, skills, understanding and confidence to look after their health, contribute to treatments and initiate access to services based on agreed thresholds or unforeseen needs
CommunityPatients’ social support networks that underpin healthy, independent living such as families, friends, charities, facilitated relationships with support services and other patients
Staff networksConnections between staff, experts in other fields and patients that enable information sharing and coordination of care
InfrastructureFrom buildings and energy use, to equipment, IT systems and local transport systems
NaturalServices provided by nature such as clean air, fertile soil, stable climate, available water, green space. Also, raw materials for consumables eg metals, chemicals, fossil or renewable fuels and biomaterials
  • Source: Sustainable system-wide commissioning - guide for CCGs. Written and researched by Forum for the Future, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, March 2013 (reproduced with permission).11