Table 1.

Initial screening tools available for assessing cognition and delirium

Confusion assessment method (CAM)Abbreviated mental test-4 (AMT-4)Abbreviated mental test-10 (AMT-10)4 As test (4AT)
Acute onset and fluctuating courseAge1Age1AlertnessNormal, mild sleepiness for <10 seconds on walking0
InattentionDate of birth1Time1Clearly abnormal4
Disorganised thinkingPlace1Address to recall1AMT-4No mistakes0
Altered level of consciousnessYear1Year11 mistake1
Location1≥2 mistakes or untestable2
Recognition of two persons1Attention, listing months in reverse order≥7 months correctly0
Date of birth1<7 months correct or refuses to start1
Year that World War II started1Untestable2
Present monarch1Acute change or fluctuating courseNo0
Counting backwards from 20–11Yes4