Table 4.

Multivariate logistic regression of potential risk factors for hospital readmission within 30 days of discharge

CharacteristicOdds ratio (95% CI)p value
Hospital admissions in the last year1.34 (1.18–1.52)<0.001
Emergency department visits in last 6 months1.27 (1.15–1.40)<0.001
HOSPITAL score1.45 (1.31–1.61)<0.001
LACE index0.86 (0.80–0.93)<0.001
Charlson comorbidity score0.340
Number of discharge medications0.225
Medical comorbidities:
 myocardial infarction0.839
 congestive heart failure1.58 (1.18–2.13)0.002
 diabetes without complications0.416
 diabetes with complications0.730
 renal disease1.36 (1.01–1.83)0.046
  • CI = confidence interval.