Table 1.

The current secondary care chronic obstructive pulmonary disease audit dataset

Arrival informationDate and time of arrival at hospital
Patient dataNHS number, date of birth, gender, home postcode, smoking status
NEWS2 score on admission
Admission informationDate and time of admission to unit
Respiratory specialist reviewDate and time of first specialist review
OxygenPresence of oxygen prescription, target saturation range and use of oxygen
Non-invasive ventilationDate and time of NIV if appropriate
SpirometryMost recent FEV 1 per cent predicted, and FEV 1/FVC ratio with date
ComorbidityPresence of and new intervention for cardiovascular disease and mental illness
DischargeDate of discharge (or death), completion of a discharge bundle including specific examples of good practice
  • FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC = forced vital capacity; NEWS2 = National Early Warning Score 2; NIV = non-invasive ventilation.